Star Wars Tracker is a price guide and portfolio management service for collectors of Vintage Star Wars action figures.

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An invaluable tool for the community! Not only is it incredibly useful for a new collector starting out, but it is the industry standard for archiving your own personal collection. I recommend it to all members of my groups.

— Michael Havens

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Beautiful broadsheet style price guide statistics available for thousands of vintage Star Wars collectibles. Get high level aggregate statistics going back over 10 years. Quickly see price trends over time for all individual items!

Broadsheet pricing statistics for R2-D2 with Popup saber

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Star Wars Tracker will change the way you collect and will enable you to get more out of this fascinating hobby.

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Track your collection in dedicated portfolios, capturing rich detail and even upload your own reference images.

Track your Vintage Star Wars collection in purpose built portfolios

Find current market prices for thousands of vintage Star Wars items. Every week we cover the global market adding hundreds of actual real-world sale prices to the digital price guides.

Digitial price guides available on the go for your iPhone or Android
Get rich Star Wars figure sales data right on your iPhone or Android

Star Wars collecting (like Bounty Hunting) is a complicated profession. The Star Wars Tracker app has made my quest to own "all things Star Wars" much more simple! I use it multiple times a day to determine an accurate baseline for all of my vintage purchases.

— Chi Lee

Our approach to maintaining an accurate price guide is unique and unmatched in the collecting world. Every week, thousands of completed sales are assessed by a collector for their inclusion. Smartly presented, this information is then searchable immediately with the smartphone apps, or website price guides.

All our prices are auditable with a link directly back to the original source (while still available)

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Star Wars Tracker is committed to the no reproduction stance within the hobby. We never add sales data that include reproduction weapons or accessories to our price guides. We do the hard work for you to knock-out compromised sales listings to deliver a price guide with integrity.

Sales of reproduction items are never tracked - please say NO to reproduction items
Say no to repro - don't buy, don't sell

Printed price guides are from a long time ago ... in a galaxy far, far away. Update your approach, stay informed and harness the power of this fully armed and operational digital price guide!

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I love this site. Using the mobile app, I am able to quickly look up recent sales of any item while I am out and about.

— William Carmack

Get access to the most comprehensive, accurate price guide in the world.

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Star Wars Tracker tags price guide data with a rich set of attributes. This allows unprecedented flexibility to quickly target a price based on licensee, cardback variation, completeness (for vehicles and playsets), where it sold and grading.

Detailed pricing attributes and meta data on every data point

Star Wars Tracker is an absolutely critical tool to have in your pocket when evaluating harder to find MOCs. Even if there is little info for a particular MOC, say Leia Bespin Palitoy 45A, that alone tells you that it's rare. Great tool and thoroughly recommended. Created by a collector for collectors.

— Simon McOwan

Create home printable display labels with an array of flexible customizations. Add your own free-text to note particular features - perfect for variant collectors!

Create impressive displays with built in label generation
Print your labels at home from the mobile app or browser

Fun, easy and economical, create display labels en-mass for all your collection. Perfect to label and identify items if they are going into storage

Print your star wars labels at home on readily available sticky printer paper
Make labels for carded and loose figures
Great for archiving your collection when not on display
Know what you have, even in storage

Using the label creator has been a really cool way to add a little flare to my collection as well as being able to document my collection into the site. I highly recommend joining up and using all of the resources it has to offer!

— Robert Rodriguez

Created your portfolios? Then you are in for a treat. At the click of a button you can get an instant mark-to-market valuation of your collection!

Track your collection with the built in portfolio system

Included in the service, every week you will get a personalized market report to your inbox, giving you an updated valuation of your portfolios, along with a summary of the latest market activity.

Get a track history of the value for your collection
High level overall portfolio valuation
Drill down for values on each of your items in your portfolio
Detailed line-item valuations
See what is moving in the market with the highest selling items each week
Weekly carded figure top five
We cover many categories of vintage star wars collectibles and report on them all
Weekly accessories top five

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