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Growing up as a kid I was always fascinated with the Kenner Star Wars action figure line. I had a modest collection of figures back in the mid 1980's and then picked up again in the early 1990's in a more serious tone as interest was rekindled in these items. At this point I understood that no longer were these simply toys, but they were collectibles to be treasured and admired. In particular I started my mint-on-card (MOC) collection around this time.

Taking a break around the year 2000 for a little over 10 years, the spark was lit again. I was inspired to pick up where I left off with my MOC collection and make a focused effort to complete my goal of a full set of 96 MOC figures. I completed this goal in mid August 2013, with quite ironically, one of the first figures produced: an original Luke Skywalker on a Star Wars card.

My Collection of loose vintage star wars figures

In 2014 I started to create Star Was Tracker. It grew out of a genuine need for information and advice as I set myself a goal of completing a full collection of the 62 Power of the Force collectors coins. I had never taken much notice of these items in the past, but when I decided to take on the challenge, what really shocked me was how little information there was about prices for these items due in part to how rarely some of them come up for sale. As such, I had no idea what was a reasonable price to pay and this really mattered for some of the rarer coins.

I am certain that using the Tracker to guide my buying decisions, I have saved many hundreds of pounds (possibly even thousands) by having an informed view of this niche collecting area. It has advised me of knowing when to jump on a bargain, or leave an over-priced listing to someone else knowing that it's likely I will see another example cheaper in the near future.

Some of my POTF collector coins including the rare sail skiff

Having successfully completed this collecting goal with the help of the Star Wars Tracker, I could see many ways this could be expanded. So I decided to expand the price guide to loose complete figures, carded figures and the rest of the vehicles, playsets and other vintage items. Naturally a portfolio sub-system followed along with seamless integration against this price guide for instant accurate market valuations.

Main interview on episode 57 - Rebellions are build on Cope

Since coming back to collecting I have been very involved with the community! I have done regular contributions to the excellent Vintage Rebellion Podcast and have even presented a collectors panel at Star Wars Celebration in London 2016.

My presentation at Star Wars Celebration in 2016 - Navigating a Bull Market for the Vintage Star Wars Collector

My vision and dream is for Star Wars Tracker to be the de-facto standard for vintage Star Wars collectors to manage their collections and to be unrivalled in the quality, integrity and accuracy of it's up-to-date price guide. The vintage star wars collecting universe is wide and deep, and I see Star Wars Tracker continually growing to cover it all.

My hope is for every collector to find Star Wars Tracker useful in a way that matters to them, and to help them get the most enjoyment from this interesting hobby!

— Jared Cope
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