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Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy of Narrow Street Studios which governs what personal information we collect from you, and how we use it. These should be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions of using the Services. For easier understanding, the policy is written in the following question and answer format. Please give some time to read it, as it could impact your decision to subscribe to Star Wars Tracker.

1. Personal information we collect from you

1.1. As a visitor to Star Wars Tracker, what personal details do you collect?

As a casual visitor to Star Wars Tracker we do not collect any personal information at all. We are not part of any advertisement schemes or other activities that benefit from harvesting any identifying details.

1.2 If I choose to subscribe to Star Wars Tracker, what personal details will be collected?

We really don't want any extra details than what is strictly necessary to provide you with the Services. To create a Star Wars Tracker account, we require a username from you which needs to be a valid email address, and your password to secure your account. This username will also be the primary mechanism of email communications to you. We also ask for your first and last name so that we can address you in a respectful personal manner in any communications that you will receive, though you are free to provide another first/last name if you wish to remain truly anonymous.

1.3 What other data will you be collecting?

By nature of the Services, if you choose to make use of the portfolio aspect of the Services to input your collection (your personal notes/information and image uploads) then we will have this data stored in our databases. However, this information is segregated from other people and is only accessible by logging in with your account. Likewise, you will not be able to see other portfolio data for another user.

1.4 Is that really all?

Finally we also store your application preferences which you provide as a way of customizing your Star Wars Tracker account. But that really is all of it.

1.5 What about my payment details that I provide when subscribing?

When you sign up for a Star Wars Tracker subscription, we take and remember your username, password, first and last name. After this, we hand over responsibility to PayPal to finish the transaction and take your payment instructions. So your payment details, credit card number etc are never intercepted by Star Wars Tracker. We simply get notification that the payment was successful, and do the final account setup in response to that.

2. How we use your personal information

2.1. What do you do with my personal information

Honestly, as little as we can. Your username and password allow you access to the Services, and your name may be used in any email communications we send out to you.

2.2 Will my personal details be given out to any other companies or organizations?

No. Narrow Street Studios is its own enterprise with no parent organizations to answer to. Since the service is a paid subscription, we don't need to sell your personal data amongst other activities to generate revenue (ever wondered why other services might be free?). This model allows us to focus on keeping the Tracker the best it can be, and ensures you never need worry about mis-use of your data. To re-iterate a previous point, we have no interest in storing any information about you over and above what it takes to keep your Star Wars Tracker account operational.

2.3 Do you have access to my password?

No. Your password is stored in an encrypted format in our databases. Only you will know what your password is. Further, there will never be a reason for you to disclose your password to us. If you forget your password, this can be reset by you through facilities on the main Tracker website.

3. Communications policy

3.1 How often will I be hit with Star Wars Tracker communications

Very rarely would be the best answer to this question. Below is not an exhaustive list, but we will only be in touch with you for important information sharing such as i) your account being setup for the first time ii) confirmation that a password reset has taken place on your account iii) If we discover a technical or administrative problem with your account and need to be in touch with you iv) There has been a change in terms and conditions to using the Services.

You may also receive optional market update emails, as well as general announcements such as availability of new software versions and features. You may opt out of such communication through your user account preferences.