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Star Wars tracker is an invaluable tool to the community of vintage Star Wars collectors! Not only is it incredibly useful for brand new collector starting out, but it is also the industry standard for archiving your own personal collection. I recommend it to all the members of my groups and to anyone looking to learn more about the vintage Star Wars market.

— Michael Havens
Founder, Imperial Commissary Facebook Groups

I've been using an old Google Doc for years to track my collection, until I found Star Wars Tracker. It's now my go-to for tracking my collection. I love that it gives an image, and allows you to put so much info! Now I can't easily track grading, serial numbers, how and what I paid for an item, and even add my own photos of the exact piece to my database! It really makes things convenient! If I'm interested in a new item, I can just open the app, see if I've got it, what condition it's in, etc. It really makes tracking a vintage Star Wars collection easier than ever! And the support has always been very prompt in answering any questions I have! Couldn't recommend it more!

— Tad Moore
Collector from the U.S.A

The Tracker site has been a great resource to use when comparing values of sold items to asking prices, the amount of information accessible is definitely a benefit! Using the label creator has been a really cool way to add a little flare to my collection as well as being able to document my collection into the site. I highly recommend joining up and using all of the resources it has to offer!

— Robert Rodriguez
Collector from the U.S.A

I love this site. Using the mobile app, I am able to quickly look up recent sales of any item while I am out and about. This is secondary to me as I am a huge fan of the cataloging feature which allows me to keep my collection documented both by list and picture. I highly recommend this to any vintage Star Wars collector.

— William Carmack
Collector from the U.S.A

I really like being able to look up what something has sold for recently. It's a great way to figure out if something I'm interested in buying is overpriced. I like being able to keep track of my collection, adding pictures and being able to create categories. Making it easier to quickly look up something I have if necessary. Finally I can't say enough about the customer service. As you are well aware if I've ever had an issue you have always been more then helpful and respond quickly.

— Robbie Lander
Collector from the U.S.A

I'm just about to finish my 3rd year as a member of star wars tracker..I love it..although i havent really used it to its fullest, its great for checking market prices and whether certain prices are going up or down.. I also sell on behalf of others/ a cut goes to the local church fund, so its good to know where the markets are heading. Its a shame Ebay info doesnt last long, but you can still see prices sold and with auction sites now listed, you have enough diversification to sell at a fair price..

— Rob Lipparelli
Collector from Japan

Star Wars collecting (like Bounty Hunting) is a complicated profession. The Star Wars Tracker app has made my quest to own "all things Star Wars" much more simple! I use it multiple times a day to determine an accurate baseline for all of my vintage purchases. I also love and appreciate the Bloomberg style analytics it provides for my ever growing collection. Jared has created a simple, but thorough and effective system that collates all of the necessary data to maneuver through the ever shifting vintage collecting world. It's saved me tons of time and money and I can't recommend it enough.

— Chi Lee
Collector from the U.S.A

Star Wars Tracker is an absolutely critical tool to have in your pocket when evaluating harder to find MOCs. Even if there is little info for a particular MOC, say Leia Bespin Palitoy 45A, that alone tells you that it's rare. Great tool and thoroughly recommended. Created by a collector for collectors.

— Simon McOwan
Vintage toy dealer, United Kingdom

Star Wars Tracker is THE reference for vintage Star Wars collectors. The price guides data they collect from multiple sources makes purchase and sale valuations easy and accurate while providing an up-to-date market estimate of your portfolios. Both the PC and mobile apps are easy to use while providing a suitable level of customization. For example, you can store your own pics, create custom categories and set your own valuation band for an item based on your condition evaluation. Last, but most important, the development team are passionate collectors heavily involved in the collecting community and provide timely responses to technical and usability questions. Something rarely found in the tech world today. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

— Scott Gray
Collector from the U.S.A

For someone who has been collecting Star Wars MOCs for decades and has used many different systems to keep track of my inventory, Star Wars Tracker has been an excellent addition. As a weird variant collector, it's ability to accommodate variants has been an awesome feature. And this is just a very small feature. The app is highly versatile and the absolute best SW collecting app around. Whether it's market value/pricing, archiving/labeling, or inventorying, this app has it. I can't wait for the next expansion...

— Chris Eddleman
Collector from the U.S.A

The Star Wars Tracker is an incredibly useful tool. It is a quick reference for looking up values, and outstanding for keeping an inventory of your collection, including up to date market valuations. This is the number one tool vintage Star Wars collectors should consider using, if they aren't already!

— Matt Brookins
Collector from the U.S.A

Star Wars Tracker is an absolute must for any serious collector. It allows you to keep an eye on current pricing in the general market as well as your own collection. All in all, it's an extremely useful tool.

— Nick Rees
Collector from United Kingdom

The quintessential guide to the Vintage SW Toy galaxy that fits in your pocket. Buying, Selling, Trading, Valuations and Variations. SWT has got you covered.

— Ross Gibbison
Collector from Australia

Star Wars Tracker is a MUST for anyone with a serious Star Wars collection. As a cataloging tool, it's incredible for keeping everything organized. And the valuation tools are great - every week I get an email with a Star Wars "market report" including metrics about my own collection. The tracker is a NO BRAINER.

— Phil Byers
Collector from the U.S.A

I've been signed up to the Star Wars Tracker since it was set up. If your are starting in this hobby, selling within this hobby, or want to learn pricing trends in this hobby, this is THE starting place. It's quick, smooth and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. PLUS it's always evolving and getting better to provide multiple sources of pricing across many platforms. As a buyer/seller/broker, I can't recommend the Star Wars Tracker app enough.

— Joel O'Brien

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