Find prices for hundreds of Vintage Star Wars collectibles, updated weekly with real actual prices

No more estimations, our digital price guides are second to none for accuracy and integrity

Beautiful broadsheet style price guide statistics available for thousands of vintage Star Wars collectibles. Get high level aggregate statistics going back almost a decade. Quickly see price trends over time for all individual items!

Broadsheet pricing statistics for R2-D2 with Popup saber

Star Wars Tracker is THE reference for vintage Star Wars collectors. The price guides data they collect from multiple sources makes purchase and sale valuations easy and accurate

— Scott Gray

Rich detail searchable by year right down to the individual price point. You can also access historical images through the long-term carbonite storage facility!

Fine grained statistics available right down to the individual sale

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We scour the market every week, across various markets, looking for qualifying sales that meet our strict criteria. We then enrich these data points for unrivalled searching to provide the very best vintage star wars price guide around.

Loose figure vintage star wars price guide
Star Wars Tracker top tip - powerful filtering and searching with the digital price guides

Because our price guides are digital, they offer the ultimate flexibility. Slice up the data as you like by date range, where the item sold, if the item was graded (or not) and what grade it achieved. You can even filter prices by licensee (such as Palitoy, Takara etc) to check prices for rare variants!

Star Wars Tracker is an absolute must for any serious collector. It allows you to keep an eye on current pricing in the general market as well as your own collection. All in all, it's an extremely useful tool.

— Nick Rees

You get TEN well thought out, distinct price guides covering the major collectible areas for vintage Star Wars collectors. And all of these are updated weekly with the latest market action.

Ten price guides are available

Price guide data is beautifully presented making it easy to assess an items worth at a glance. From basic aggregate statistics, through to more sophisticated percentile band pricing and scatter chart visualization.

darth vader price guide

I really like being able to look up what something has sold for recently. It's a great way to figure out if something I'm interested in buying is overpriced

— Robbie Lander

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Star Wars Tracker is the only price guide that covers multiple markets, the world over, and makes all this sales history available in a unique, easy to use fashion. We cover all the major market places including well known high end auction houses

Double telescoping figures auctioned at

Our apps are built with collectors in mind, to keep them simple yet powerful. A wealth of information is available throughout for thorough data mining.

Context sensitive help available on the iPhone version of the app
(Pricing statistics explained on the iPhone App)

Our carded figure price guides have a staggering level of detail, allowing you to see exactly what the valuable carded figure variations are.

Thousands of mint on card prices available

Every week you will get a detailed market summary including top five sales in various categories. Always interesting to see what people are spending money on!

Personalized valuation emails sent every week
Top five carded figures
Market valuation and top lists included in every email
Top five power of the force coins

Star Wars Tracker is the premium tool for all vintage Star Wars collectors.

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